Transforming from Colonial Tragedy to Self-Directed Innovators

Enslaved by the Whip of Education

Critical Questions and Pointers for Success

1)        Is Life frequently changing and challenging?

           a) Are situations, regulations and reality changing?
           b) When life changes; people will either suffer the consequences or;
           c) Use their Brains as the agent of change to learn, adapt and succeed in life.

2)        Is the Global Economy requiring people to do creative ‘intellectual’ Brain work?

           a) Are machines doing the routine and 'muscular' work?
           b) Does Punishment block exploring, learning and creativity?
           c) Are people ‘conforming’ like robots to do muscular work?

3)        So, are you frequently trying to make a Change or Goal in your life?

           a) Are you trying to avoid or replace Punishment?
           b) Are you trying to attract Global/Local Jobs and Money?
           c) Are you trying to Learn and Adapt to Life's Challenges?

4)        Tired of failures trying powerful Words, beliefs and superstitions?

5)        Can your brain learn by Words? Or by your Practices?

6)        Do babies learn to walk by Words or by Practicing?

7)        Is teaching or preaching by Words only 5% learning? Yes

8)        Can you learn words? Yes. But, can your brain learn by Words? No

           a) Can you use 'reading' to ride a bike?

9)        Participating in Team experiences is 90% learning!

10)      Are decisions made by 10% Intellect and 90% Feelings? Yes

11)      Biologically the Intellect filters Reasoning and enables your Spirituality

12)      Biologically Feelings feed from the Environment and drives your Actions

13)      Do Feelings get drunk from oversweet foods, sex and drugs? Yes

14)      Does the Intellect use plant based foods to develop agility? Yes

15)      So, to make a Change in your life requires nutrition, fitness and game training!

           a) Neuro-biological wellness via neuro-friendly nutritious foods
           b) Feelings or rear-brain training via physical fitness & motor-skill exercises
           c) Intellect or front-brain training via problem-solving team games & projects

16)      Relocate if your brain needs to feed from a suitable environment

17)      Can veggies, fish and exercise grow the intellect to enhance reasoning?

18)      Healthy foods and lifestyle = Reasoning out conflicts = Peace and Love

19)      To train the brain needs 20% Planning (reasoning) and 80% Practicing

20)      Did Jesus prioritize health before/equal to salvation? Yes!

           a) Neuro-biological wellness is 90% God given hope!
           b) People can diversify and adapt with the changes in reality
           c) Healthy brain equals wealthy decisions and actions

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