Over-Reliance on Words: as tools of Learning and Governance

The Learning Pyramid

Action speaks louder than words, and words can mean different things to different individuals. Words cannot adequately communicate a person’s “intention”. Society has chosen words as a standard means of regulating justice, health, wealth, spirituality, and so on; but what provisions has been made for myriads of Jamaicans biologically incapable of understanding the essence of words? Will they remain disenfranchised and go to hell for acting contrary to societal norms?

Can the Human Brain learn by Spoken/Written 'Words'? No?

‘Words’ do not effectively create learning (biologically) to enforce behavior, as shown by the Learning Pyramid. Hence, to emulate learning, words are often combined with ‘fear or brutal punishment’ disguised as a reward. People can learn words, but cannot learn by words to enforce motor skill actions. Try ‘reading’ to ride a bike! Colonial Punishment triggers feelings of Fear to fight or flee enemies and block new out-of-the-box learning. Hence punishment uses the body’s survival behavior to cover up the failure of trying to learn and enforce behavior by words. Since words do not create learning and punishment blocks learning, the colonial philosophy is pointless or futile. Is the colonial system essentially about ‘punishing people’ and words used as a cover up for its brutal and barbaric practices?

Logical Reasoning

Is 'Logical Reasoning' always right? No?

Logical Reasoning uses words to represent a Linear, hierarchical, step-by-step and predictable process which uses estimates and averages to describe the ad-hoc Curving events of Reality. This is similar to using (linear) lines to trace (curving) circles on a sheet of paper. Many parts of the circle’s curving edge will not be captured by the straight lines. Hence, Logical Reasoning cannot always be correct. However, broken logics often attract penalty or punishment as it is expected to accurately capture the ad-hoc and Curving events of Reality. Hence, words and logics are mere estimates or models of people’s experiences in Reality. Additionally, when the premise of a logical statement is false, the result is also false (by the laws of Boolean logic). Example: "If stones are assumed to be alive, then logically, it follows from this premise that stones should eat."

Are Jamaicans really learning by 'Education'? No?

Culture eats strategy and education for breakfast -Peter Drucker. Not to mention the compounding failures of Words and Logical Reasoning mentioned above. Yes, 80% of youths drop out of school without adequate qualifications for tertiary education needed to become globally competitive. Is Jamaica’s ‘rote-based’ education adaptive learning? Are Jamaicans adapting and innovating to meet the changes in the global economy/reality? Are Jamaicans stuck suffering with colonial institutions while the world advances? Therefore Colonial education represents the orchestration of teachers, preachers, judges and parents ‘commanding, telling and lecturing’ seemingly brainless humans to learn and behave via fruitless words and logical reasoning. That is, they culturally use ‘words and punishment’ fruitlessly in the form of rules, laws, policies, proclamations and so on, even in the face of formidable cultural practices.

Jamaica’s Inherited Colonial Institutions use ‘Education’ to enforce Slavery

It was originally thought that 'Words' or Logical Reasoning could effectively modify learning and behavior, hence 'Education' became the primary tool used by colonial institutions to rule the masses. Now we have Government, Religion and Business using the colonial philosophy of Words, Punishment and Money to manage society. Government Education seeks to rationally distribute 'power' for money. Religious Education seeks to rationally distribute 'spirituality' for money. Business Education seeks to rationally distribute 'goods and services' for money. Yes, without anyone investigating the devastating effects to humanity, especially on the human brain. Do the ends justify the means? Does the process of slavery justify the result of having a meal? Why destroy your brain (the immune center for adaptation) to provide food for your brain? Pointless?

Jamaica’s Inherited Colonial Institutions use the ‘how of education’ as the means to enforce Slavery
Jamaica's Colonial Democracy of Slaves, by Slaves, for Slaves

The colonial institutions of Government, Religion and Business use 'education' to graduate people as mentally enslaved workers, fully suited to mentally enslave others and disenfranchise those who cannot follow the colonial ‘Master-Slave’ oppression. This enforces a ‘Fake Democracy’ of Slaves, by Slaves, for Slaves promoting ‘words and punishment’ for Money, instead of sharing via ‘wellbeing-ness’. Hence, people become Psychologically traumatized from functioning contrary to how their brains and Reality works.

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