Jamaica World Brain Awareness Month

Promoting Brain-Friendly Laws & Lifestyles

Promoting Brain-Friendly Laws & Lifestyles

Dear Friends of Humanity,
What if we could transform the vision, creativity and innovation of Jamaicans through Brain-Friendly Laws & Lifestyles to rival first world countries Denmark and Singapore? Will replacing Punishment liberate people’s brains to explore outside-the-box, learn, adapt and succeed in the brain-centric global economy? Can we use Brain Health and Wellness as major drivers for Job creation, Crime reduction and Social harmony? Yes we can! Brain food, fitness, game training and teamwork will make Jamaica a first world country of choice. Congratulations! The induction of our five years of research on Creativity Learning, will showcase a Symposium on 22-July-2016; join us to celebrate Jamaica World Brain Awareness Month in July.

BENEFITS: Our KRYS Global Social Outreach Project joyfully promotes the use of biological wellness to concretely improve hope, creativity, productivity and reduce crime in our communities. Our motto: 'Healthy BRAIN, Wealthy Decisions' will make Jamaica a first world country. That is, shaping success by ensuring BRAIN Health and Wellness precede Education, Salvation, Justice and Employment.

WEALTH/JOB CREATION: When situations, regulations and reality change frequently; people will either suffer the consequences or use their Brains as the agent of change to learn, adapt and succeed in life. Furthermore, instead of punishing people like slaves to do ‘muscular’ work; the Global Economy requires people to do creative ‘intellectual’ brain work while machines do muscular work.

ACTION PLAN: Join us to celebrate July as Jamaica World Brain Awareness Month in sync with the World Brain Day on July 22. We solicit your ideas and volunteerism to host a symposium promoting Brain-Friendly Laws & Lifestyles. Brain-Friendly Lifestyles use wellness to self-direct and harness the brain’s 90% power for life’s success. Brain-Friendly Laws demote the deprivation of Punishment and alternatively promote Creativity to learn, modify and regulate behavior for societal success.

GLOBAL TRENDS: Similar to the Genome/DNA Project, global governments are spending billions on Human Brain Projects to investigate the brain. Social and moral laws are being revised to resolve the dilemma of social injustice including: 1) Factoring the brain’s 90% autopilot and controlling behavior; 2) The abused, unhealthy or diseased brain is in deadlock fixing damages to survive, and is 90% not free to explore beyond flight/flee survival mode; and 3) The healthy brain is free to auto-evolve to greatness.

JAMAICA’S PROBLEM: Jamaica’s ‘Inherited’ Colonial Institutions disregard and brutalize the human brain. 87% of children experience violent discipline/abuse (STATIN/UNICEF); 80% of youths are dropouts without globally competitive skills (UWI/MOE); 20%-30% youths suffer disability and are without adequate special education resources (WHO); 1200 murders annually for over 20 years without any ideological purpose (UNODC); widespread increase of brain illnesses related to lifestyle diseases including obesity, diabetes, stroke, hormonal imbalance and cancer, some painfully killing thousands yearly (Gleaner/Observer).

WHY/ ROOT CAUSE: The 5%-10% learning achieved via governing by ‘words’, laws, logics and education cannot effectively modify people’s behavior to keep pace with changes in reality (Learning Pyramid / Damasio / Lipton). Unfittingly ‘punishment’ has been used to provide the extra 90%-95% needed to modify behavior. However, this punishment of depriving people of basic survival needs also triggers feelings of fear to block adaptive learning, enforce ignorance and generate neuro-psychological traumas. People’s brains are always (90%) in fight/flee survival mode even when there is no survival situation in society. So the default culture of ‘Rote Learning’ modifies behavior by forming predatory ‘survival routines’. That is, people conform like robots, without learning ‘why’ or developing ‘fundamentals’ as building blocks to resolve life’s changes and challenges. This practice of disregarding and brutalizing the brain shapes Jamaica’s ‘Inherited’ Colonial Governance via the Abused, Unhealthy and Delusional Brain.

PROBLEM RESOLUTION: Use health & wellness to empower the self-directed feature of the brain to effectively use societal goals and clues from environmental challenges to auto-evolve to greatness. Otherwise check, register and fix disabilities where possible. This is exemplified by the universal health care system of Denmark and Singapore. Did Jesus put Health and Wellness before Salvation? Yes, first: “be healed”; then self-direct: “go and sin no more” (John 5:14).

HOW TO IMPLEMENT: Use brain food, fitness/exercise and game training to fulfill the brain’s survival needs and subsequently harness the 90% controlling power of instincts/feelings to support adaptive learning. Remove ‘Behavior Punishment’ and demote Individualism from ‘word’ based education, institutions, relationships and goals. Govern/educate people via coaching, teamwork, practicing, problem solving and consensus for 90% creativity learning. Finally, give people dietary and psycho-therapy training as accountability support tools to collaborate and adapt their lifestyles, instead of using violence to resolve conflicts and challenges of reality. This practice of using wellness to self-direct the brain to greatness shapes Jamaica’s Creativity Governance via the Healthy and Socially Conscious Brain.

Note: There is no requirement to agree or disagree with this act of sharing Love, Joy and Peace. The information contained may help you or someone else. Please forward this page link to help someone else and extend this act of sharing Love, Joy and Peace.

Read more at KRYS Creativity Learning Research link: www.krysglobal.com/creativity